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 Why Our Products Are The Best

We are a B2B technology-driven provider of next gen smart products specifically designed for the OEM market to deliver better security integration.

Smart Power Supplies

A field programmable, Bluetooth enabled Power Supply that can be managed via web or NU2 sPS5000 App.

Access Control

An intelligent Electrified Lock Power Manager (ELPM) designed to support any access control system’s need to distribute 12V/24V to electrified locks.

Door Interlock Controllers

A multi‐door interlock controller designed to manage the interlinking of two, three or four doors

Delayed Egress Controller

An innovative Bluetooth enabled, flexible local controller to manager Special Locking Arrangements of emergency doors.

Mantrap Controllers

A Bluetooth enabled, wall mounted manager/ controller and is installed by two to eight cluster member doors to create mantrap dependencies.

Door Alarms

The Intelligent Local Door Alarm (iLDA) is an innovative Bluetooth enabled, flexible local door alarm controller/monitor.

 Our Latest Products

The Intelligent Local Door Alarm
Smart Power Supply
The Delayed Egress Controller

Innovation Delivered.

We combine field expertise, innovation and commitment to excellence to provide our Clients with an above and beyond experience.

Our Clients and Partners.

Our clients are our partners and we are innovative and flexible enough to match all the diverse needs of today’s market. We deliver the best so that you can give your customers the best.
Founding Partners, Isac Tabib & Mehdi Daryadel are proven experts in the electronic security space with over 40 years’ experience in the security installation and engineering fields.

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