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Universal Interface Board (UIB-842)/(ACM-828)

An intelligent Electrified Lock Power Manager (ELPM) designed to support any access control system’s need to distribute 12V/24V to electrified locks.

Fail Safe Outputs

Each output can be selected as ‘fail safe’ via the built-in fire alarm interface, is reporting its voltage and current draw and is protected via Digital Circuit Breaker (DCB).

Dual Color LED

All outputs have dual color LED to indicate normal and overload/short conditions.

Four "C" Relays

UIB-842 provides four additional form “C” relays as well as two ports of managed power 12v/24v for use by other powered devices such as REX motion sensors.

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UIB 842 848 Universal Interface Board

Special Features


  • Outputs are protected with 1.5A Digital Circuit Breakers. No fuses.
  • All inputs and outputs are managed and monitored via supervised dry contact inputs, two RS-485 OSDP ports as well as Bluetooth when connected to the Smart Power Supply (SPS).
  • RS-485 OSDP is provided with API protocol for further interface to OEMs.


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