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Smart Power Supply SPS

A field programmable, Bluetooth enabled Power Supply that can be managed via web or NU2 sPS5000 App.

Four Outputs

The Smart Power Supply (SPS) is an innovative Quad Output, field programmable power supply. Each of the four outputs can provide four Amps for a total of sixteen Amps in either 12VDC or 24VDC.

Product Integration

The SPS is part of a family of integrated products that include the Intelligent Local Door Alarm (iLDA), Intelligent Mantrap Controller (iMTC) and the Intelligent Multi-Door Controller (MDC), managing from 4 to 256 doors per cluster.

Output Security

Outputs are protected via Digital Circuit Breaker (DCB). No more fuses.

Independent Powering

The unique SPS quad output allows for independent powering of failsafe locks, fail-secure locks as well as separate feed to the system’s controller, REX motions and other powered devices.

Perfect for applications requiring stable & managed power:

  • Access Control
  • PLC Controls
  • Burglar Alarm

The Smart Power Supply (SPS) is an innovative Quad Output, field programmable power supply.

The flexibility of the SPS makes it ideal for all applications requiring stable and managed power, such as: access control, PLC controls, burglar alarm, etc.

Stmart Power Supply Iphone Configuration2

iOS and Android

Configure the Smart Power Supply

directly from your mobile device

Smart & Flexible Features:

  • Multi-page Graphical Dislpay
  • 4 Programmable Outputs 10V-28V
  • Total 14 Amps, 12/24 VDC
  • Immuned to Overload/Short
  • Programmed via Bluetooth or Web
  • Smart Battery Charge/Discharge
  • ODSP Compliant RS-485
  • Fire Alarm Disconnect

Graphical Display:

  • Shows voltages, currents, temperature, humidity etc.

  • Smart battery charge/discharge including reverse polarity, battery mismatch, low battery disconnect and other features are included.

  • Two programmable relays, flexible fire alarm disconnect as well as on board OSDP compliant RS-485 are built in.

  • RS-485 connects the SPS to NU2’s Universal Interface Board (UIB-842) for further alarm monitoring and management.

PC and iPhone

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