NU2 Systems
Multi Door Controller (MDC)

The Multi Door Controller (MDC) is an innovative, flexible and scalable Access Control system handling 4 or 8 reader doors per board and 256 doors per cluster. Serverless, remote Web enabled and local/remote,
Mobile management with patented electrified lock power distribution, selection and protection.


Why Choose MDC

The Multi Door Controller (MDC) is in innovative solution for the Security Integration Access Control and Locksmith markets. Based on years of field installation experience, the MDC was designed to simplify installations, configuration and ongoing support.

MDC-8 – Network enables Multi Door Controller (MDC) for up to 8 doors per panel and 256 doors per cluster.

  • Simplify engineering, installation and commissioning
  • Minimize service call travel to the site via powerful remote view
  • Negates the need for a complicated Host Server
  • Maintain small wall/rack footprint

NU2’s SPS is a sophisticated power supply that is fully integrated with the MDC/IOC providing a single UI to manage the entire power and access systems as a single unit.

4/8 Wiegand/ OSDP ports; 12V reader power protected by an
Automatic Digital Circuit Breaker circuit per reader port. Auto-transfer
from Wiegand to OSDP. Built in IOC Display indicates: Reader’s
position, card number, number of bits, facility code, Site Code, Issue
Code, access granted/denied. All are color coded.

  1. All outputs have dual color LED to indicate normal and overload/short conditions.
  2. Each DCC supports either four (4) IOC’s for a total of 32 reader doors or eight (8) IOCs for a total of 64 reader doors per MDC.
  3. A cluster can include eight (8) MDCs for a total of 256 card reader doors per fully enabled MDC-256 arrangement. Smart Power Supply (SPS) shares the same DCC. All SPS (power) and MDC (access) parameters are viewed and managed through a single UI

The MDC is server-less. The application’s software is web-enabled and served by the Data and Communications Controller (DCC). All site related MDCs share the same database such as the system does not have a single point of failure.