NU2 Systems
Automatic Operator Controller (AOC-842)

AOC‐842 is designed to supply and manage power to electrified locks, electrified panic hardware and synchronize needed timing for delayed operator action to commence only after electrified locks have been released.


Why Choose AOC842
  1. Panic Hardware Vertical Rods are retracted and maglocks are enabled
  2. Use of Card reader, REX motion, Hand Gesture etc causes:
  • Unlock maglocks for a time interval (4sec‐16sec) as selected by SW2 positions 5&6
  • Pause for a time interval such as 500ms as selected by SW2 positions 7&8
  • Trigger RLY4 to activate the automatic door operator
  • Relock maglocks

Four (4) separate and dedicated initiating (trigger) inputs for Card Readers, Request to Exit (REX) motions, Hand Gesture detectors, Push plates etc.

All outputs have dual color LED to indicate normal and overload/short conditions.

AOC-804 provides four additional form “C” dry relays rated at 10A for a variety of functions such as:

  1. Fire Alarm (F/A) follower
  2. Motorized Operator trigger
  • Field selectable for 0.25 sec – 2 seconds at 0.25 seconds delay interval